The sooner you get fire and smoke damage cleaned up and repaired, the better for you and your property. When you call United Construction Solutions after a disaster, our roofing experts respond within 60 minutes and get started right away, assessing the damage, cleaning up and restoring your property.

Fire damage, smoke damage and even water damage from firefighting efforts can worsen quickly. The sooner you can get the property cleaned up and restored, the less it will cost. Our fire restoration experts know how to work with insurance adjusters to help them quickly and accurately assess and document your damage. In turn, this helps us get started on your cleanup and repairs quickly.

Eliminating Smoke Damage Fast

In many cases, potentially toxic smoke is the most dangerous part of structure fires. It’s that smoke, trapped and concentrated in the burning structure, that can saturate even parts of the structure that didn’t burn, contaminating every article of clothing, every piece of furniture, every child’s stuffed toy with potentially allergenic or toxic smoke particles. The smoke particles are microscopic, so they are hard to remove, requiring specialized techniques and equipment.

canstockphoto3392512Smoke particles can include:

  • Tar
  • Carcinogens
  • Heavy metals
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Allergens
  • Radioactive particles

After the firefighters have left and the fire has been quenched, you may think that all of the danger has passed. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Unless you have a professional assist you with smoke and fire restoration, your structure will never be the same again. Too many Americans think that they can undertake the restoration effort on their own; it’s true – the restoration process isn’t overly complicated. Nevertheless, it does take a fair degree of experience to safely restore your property and without proper knowledge, you may be risking the health and safety of your loved ones. In addition, consider how big of a project it is to do alone. Conversely, a professional service will be able to throw a lot more manpower at the problem to get things taken care of in a more timely manner.

Secondary Issues, Risks, and Threats

Apart from the heartbreaking loss of priceless property and personal belongings, you must understand that there are a lot of additional risks that are left behind in the wake of fire damage. Many people erroneously think that the only cause for concern is the odor left behind after a fire, but there’s really a lot more to think about.

Firstly, understand that unhindered smoke and ash can actually be corrosive and damage a wide variety of personal items. To compound problems further, people can actually accelerate the damage by touching things with their bare hands, because the acidic by-products in conjunction with the oil from your fingers can easily tarnish a whole range of finishes and metals. Not only is the ash messy (it can spread throughout the unblemished parts of your home very quickly), but it can also cause discoloration, which only creates the need for additional restoration services.

Secondly, there are toxins to consider. There are many products and surfaces that are finished with chemical products that release toxins when they’re burned. Even after the fire is put out, they can leave behind residue and carcinogens that simply aren’t safe to breathe. Fortunately, if you call them soon enough, a professional will be able to prevent any health hazards and stop the further destruction caused by ash. However, note that not all restoration services were created equally. You’ll want to make sure that you’re restoration service is certified with IICRC to ensure that they are up to date with the best practices for safety, cleaning, and proper restoration.

The Property Damage Snowball

If you don’t opt to have a professional clean and restore smoke & fire damage, the restoration costs can easily multiply within a few short weeks. Carpets may become permanently discolored, metal surfaces will need to be replaced, and windows and glass can even become horrifically etched and ugly. Just remember that the longer you allow acidic ash to rest on surfaces in your home, the more time it will have to cause corrosive damage that could very well be irreversible.

When you call United Construction Solutions, we launch into action to contain, minimize and eliminate smoke damage to your property. We quickly protect your property from further damage from elements and theft by enclosing damaged roof and wall sections with protective tarps. We then isolate fire and smoke damaged areas using containment techniques that include the use of negative ventilation, dehumidification and other drying equipment to prevent contaminants from spreading and prevent mold growth. We also help you salvage and restore articles of your property, even helping you store property until your home or business is ready for it.

We will work with your adjuster to get a plan approved to restore your property fully to its pre-loss state. Then we’ll get to work on the approved scope of work and strive to bring your property and life back to normal as quickly as possible.

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