interior-painting-st-scharles-200United Construction Solutions is a St. Louis owned and operated local business offering quality interior and exterior painting services. We have served the St. Louis Metro over 25 years.

We maintain our own crew of skilled painters to provide high-quality finishes for your home. We use only quality top of the line products like Sherwin-Williams, Porter Paints, etc. No painting project is too large or too small. We will work with you and assist you in choosing colors and products that will work best for your project. United Construction Solutions has focused on you the customer and your needs. Communication is the key.

As they say, time is money, and many homeowners find themselves confronted with a tough decision: should a homeowner hire a professional interior and exterior painting service, or should they try to save a few bucks and do the work themselves? Each option has its own merits, but the benefits of hiring a trustworthy painting service far outweigh the benefits of undertaking such a massive project alone. So, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of working with a reputable painting service.

Cleanliness and Standards of Excellence

Professionals have one stark advantage over the average homeowner, and it’s called experience. They have painted more homes than most homeowners, and with that experience comes wisdom and efficiency. They’ll help provide you with a standard of excellence and will generally be more competent and capable of getting the job done the right way, without making errors or cutting corners. Simply put, they’ll be able to provide a higher quality service than a do-it-yourself type of home or business owner. Remember that if coats of paint aren’t evenly applied, there will be terrible, ugly consequences such as discoloration and unattractive spots. And because a paint job is going to last for years, you want to make sure it looks good from the beginning.

Time and Labor

How much is your time worth to you? Professional painting services will be able to save you a tremendous amount of time, and they can get the job done much quicker than you ever could on your own. Firstly, understand that they’re going to be a lot more efficient at applying paint to internal and external walls on account of their experience. Secondly, understand that they’ll be able to complete the job much faster than a single homeowner or couple could since they can throw a lot more manpower at the paint job. Lastly, remember that as a professional service, they have deadlines to meet. Conversely, a single homeowner may get distracted with work or family life and a single paint job can drag on for weeks.


You’ll also want to take a moment to consider the safety of painting on your own. Even if you have experience painting in the past, remember that large painting projects inherently carry the risk of accidental slips and falls, which could cause serious bodily injury. Spending hours on end on a ladder to reach  interior walls that are just out of reach is dangerous enough, but consider how much more dangerous things become when you’re painting the exterior of your home.


As the old saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness, but a do-it-yourself painting project can quickly spiral out of control. Paint is, by nature, extremely messy, but a professional painting service will be able to contain the mess and keep your home clean. Plus, you won’t have to worry about messing paint brushes or encrusted paint trays. Instead, the painting service will take care of all the cleanup tasks for you.

Dining room with brown walls and wood table.Interior Painting

United Construction Solutions is a full-service interior painting contractor. We specialize in residential and commercial interiors. When you hire us as your interior painting contractor you can count on experienced guidance through color selection, preparation, types of finishes, and paint selection. Using the right surface finishes, selecting the best procedures, and having professional painters using professional techniques will make all of the difference.

commercial-painting-st-charlesExterior Painting

United Construction Solutions is a full-service exterior painting contractor. Our techniques and expertise in surface preparation surpass standard procedures. Residential and commercial clients are delighted that they chose us for extraordinary standards in prep work, priming, and perfect finish coat. We have up-to-date product knowledge to assure you of a flawless paint job that will be sure to please, endure, and add real value to your home or business.